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Arenas Collection - Bringing Hotel Luxury Home
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HarperCollins is proud to present its range of best-loved, essential classics.  More Info
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Kelloggs Corn Flakes Collapsible Storage Box

This brilliant Kellogg's Corn Flakes themed storage box is covered is ideal for storing clothes, books, games, DVD's and more. With a large volume and strong and durable design, it snaps together in seconds with metal press studs. A wipe-clean exterior and interior, this great storage box includes plastic handle holes for portability and folds flat when not in use for compact storage. Product Information:• Collapsible Storage Box• Design: Kellogg's Corn Flakes• Handy collapsible design• Plastic handles• Metal press studs• Measures: 23 x 35.5 x 35.5cm  More Info
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Three deadly enemies ... one impossible espionage mission to bring them down  More Info
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The Works UK

Mini Wooden Chest

A mini wooden chest with dome lid, metal fastening and a natural design perfect for paint, decoupage, ink and embellishments. Whether you are making your own treasure chest or need somewhere to store bits and bobs, this mini wooden chest is ideal. Measures: 6.5 x 10 x 7.5cm.  More Info
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The Works UK


Discover how to create your own dream practice to help facilitate your work and relationships, self-exploration, soul growth, emotional healing and personal empowerment. Human beings have a long history of looking to their dreams for guidance, inspiration, spiritual connection and decision making. Kings consulted seers and gifted dreamers for political advice, and tribe leaders took heed from the prophetic dreams of their shamans. Dreams have led to inventions and scientific discoveries as well as the creation of moving works of art. So why is the modern human so disconnected from our dreams? Our quiet, reflective consciousness has been superseded by the busy, noisy and distractive components of modern culture. Dreams will teach you how, through simple intent, mindfulness, reflection, record keeping, plant work and lifestyle changes, we can enable a deeper connectivity and understanding of our dream world. Product Information:•ISBN: 9781912023967•Author: Tree Carr•Publisher: Aster•Form...  More Info
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Christian Grey exercises control in all things; his world is neat, disciplined, and utterly empty - until the day that Anastasia Steele falls into his office, in a tangle of shapely limbs and tumbling brown hair. He tries to forget her, but instead is swept up in a storm of emotion he cannot comprehend and cannot resist.  More Info
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Details:The inside story of the one of the most successful British stand-up comedians, as told by the person best qualified to reveal all about the man behind the comic, his wife of over 20 years – Pamela Stephenson.Once in a lifetime, there strides upon the stage someone who can truly be called a legend. Such a person is the inimitable, timeless genius who is Billy Connolly. His effortlessly wicked whimsy has entranced, enthralled – and split the sides of – thousands upon thousands of adoring audiences.And when he isn't doing that…he's turning in award-winning performances on film and television.He's the man who needs no introduction, and yet he is the ultimate enigma. From a troubled and desperately poor childhood in the docklands of Glasgow he is now the intimate of household names the world over.How did this happen, who is the real Billy Connolly? Only one person can answer that question: his wife, Pamela Stephenson. Pamela’s writing combines the very personal with a frank objectiv...  More Info
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The Works UK
Results 577 - 583 of about 583
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